An ongoing project of short film, animation, and music in collaboration with Lora Robertson and brilliant young composers of NYC.

Cosmonaut – the story of Nicholas Piantanida, a regular union man from New Jersey, who jumped from space but did not survive.

Twin Star Event – the story of the space shuttle Columbia’s breakup in the upper atmosphere, and the birth of Artemis.

Warehouse Under The Hudson – the story of a thief who steals the past and things of those he likes and stores them in his warehouse under the Hudson River, where he bargains for the future of his lovers.

Edie Leaves Twice – the story of Edie, who runs away and then returns for her child.

Echo & Narcissus – the story of Echo surviving her love for Narcissus.

Liar Lear King – an adaptation of King Lear set in New York, 1972, and a direct look at how bullying inside of families harms society.