An ongoing project to capture the city in multi-media ballets. Collaborations with emerging choreographers, composers, writers, vocalists, performance artists, installationists, and poets of NYC, and the Pacific Northwest.

Far Rockaway

Far Rockaway, 1921; the story of Cleopatra’s rule, her humiliation and betrayal, and transformation; Premiere: In development for 2024 opening.

Liar Lear King

“Liar Lear King” – set in Manhattan, 1972; the story of Lear’s daughter Cordelia, who battles Britain only to die at the hands of her sisters. Premiere: Grand Rapids Ballet, 2022
The ballet is structured by the Draper creation THE BULLYING MACHINE, 2022. BULLYING MACHINE maps the structure of the narcissistic Lear’s family, and the emotional spheres they inhabit.

Echo & Narcissus

“SATELLITE COLLECTIVE’S Echo & Narcissus” – Far Rockaway, 1972; Premiere: Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2018

A Pair Of Ideal Landscapes

“A Pair of Ideal Landscapes” – 1940’s Roosevelt Island; Premiere: Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2016


“Emergence” – The false landscape of Central Park; Premiere: Brooklyn Academy of Music, 2014


“Walls” – New York and the vertical cities meet at the UN of Corbusier; Premiere:


“Rituals” – New York as skyscrapers went up on bedrock in the 1930’s; Premiere:

Warehouse Under The Hudson

“Warehouse Under The Hudson” – 1890’s New York and the Hudson river traffic vs. the train; Premiere:


“Hubble” – The Age of Robert Moses in New York; Premiere:


“Progress” – The New York of the 1890’s, when Riverside Park was Mansion Row; Premiere: