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Public and Performance Art

Draper’s sculptures and ballets resurrect public spaces with performance and architecture. His stories cross art forms and drive simultaneous film, installation, and theatrical works with the power of teams of artistic collaborators, engineers and writers. In the summer of 2022, Draper’s work SAD BLIMP captured an audience of nearly one hundred thousand over the course of three weeks through high frequency television coverage, strategic premieres of new ballet and film work, and multiple installation sites in the city center.


Draper also works with and advises corporations and government agencies on how to transform their processes through very large IT projects.

His understanding of big technology and its impact on society is reflected in Satellite’s network of online tools and capabilities. Recent work has been the scaling up of systems and structure to support the fast-growing SATELLITE FELLOWS program. This program relies on a high tech value chain to integrate fundraising and distribution.

Clients: Army / Navy / Defense Logistics Agency / Nike / Walmart / Adidas / Polo Ralph Lauren / Tory Burch / Boeing / Lockheed Martin / Northrop Grumman / Raytheon / General Atomics


In 2010, Kevin began producing what were called “silent librettos” with friends at the New York City Ballet. These librettos were the stories that brought dance, film, projection, music, and live performance together in early performances at the Baryshnikov Performing Arts Center, and the Brooklyn Academy of Music.

Since then, Draper has evolved the technique into multimedia timelines that can be shared with the audience, press, and other artists to manage art projects that contain multiple pieces and performances – often in public squares, and sometime more than one theater.

These dynamic storyboards are an art form in themselves. They establish themes and visuals that organize the collaboration between artists toward a common goal when themes are expansive.

Draper’s most recent writing credit was for “Echo & Narcissus” (New York Times) and “Liar Lear King” (Dance Magazine).

To see the “Echo & Narcissus” storyboard, click here

To see the “Liar Lear King” storyboard, click here

Artistic Director and Executive Producer, SATELLITE COLLECTIVE

As Artistic Director of Satellite Collective Draper has led the organization through 12 seasons of major production of works of all types, incubated hundreds of New York-based and national artists, and built technology tools to collaborate virtually remotely long before this became a necessary part of society. The connections forged on Satellite productions have become a huge extended family of professionals as new members join, grow, and contribute to fresh visions. It is a bright, new paradigm.


Notre Dame University, Executive MBA

Tulane University, Master of Architecture, with Commendation

University of Michigan, BS Architecture


President, Tibetan Poverty Alleviation Fund JV, China (2006-2016)

Board of Advisors, Tulane University School of Architecture, 2012-2016)


Rockaway Park, NYC

Sculptor, Architect, Writer & Technologist / Vice President, SAP Americas / Executive Producer, Satellite Collective

Kevin founded and currently runs a thriving Brooklyn-based arts collective called Satellite Collective. The organization received a Citation from the President and Borough of Brooklyn for Achievement in the Arts, and the development of a sustainable arts model for collaboration.

He works with the executive officers and staff of many of the country’s biggest Municipalities, States, the Federal government, Aerospace and global brands including Nike, Wal-Mart, and Boeing on their biggest transformation projects. He is deeply experienced in project management and multiple stakeholder management.

Kevin’s sculpture and installations combine a passion for engineering and machinery with a highly graphic sensibility. His latest work, SAD BLIMP, acts as a media hub, while centering and re-organizing the public space. It also fires the imagination of anyone who sees the strangely cheerful blimps in the urban setting.


“Liar Lear King”, animated film, premiered in Rosa Parks Circle, a Maya Lin elliptic, in Grand Rapids, MI

“Liar Lear King”, ballet with original music, film, and projection, premiered by Grand Rapids Ballet


“Echo & Narcissus” outdoor performance with Grand Rapids Ballet, Grand Rapids Art Museum Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI

“Rituals”, projection in collaboration with Lora Robertson, Grand Rapids Art Museum Plaza, Grand Rapids, MI

SAP Program Executive, Lockheed Martin Computer Aided Systems Program


SAP Program Executive, US Defense Logistics Agency Cloud Computing Migration


Brooklyn Academy of Music, “ECHO & NARCISSUS” (“bubbles over with creative energy” – NY Times)

Awarded Citation for Achievement in the Arts,President and Borough of Brooklyn, “for building a sustainable creative, financial, and collaborative model that can generate new visions for dance, multimedia, music, and poetry”


Brooklyn Academy of Music Professional Development Fellowship

Frey Foundation Seed Grant, for Gran Jericho; installation for “Maria”;

Full-building recovery collaboration with Site:Lab

Lexington 92Y Production : “Central Park”; 25th Anniversary, Fridays at Noon program

Brooklyn Academy of Music; collaboration with Satellite Collective, “Edie Leaves Twice” (“aims to open up the stage to diverse artistic voices” – NY Observer)

“Twin Star Event”; winner of jury prize GRAM (“peculiar” – NY Times)

Baryshnikov Arts Center; “Satellites” (“luminous” – NY Post)

BS Architecture, University of Michigan / MS Architecture, Tulane University / MBA, Notre Dame University / Harvard Graduate Seminar ’00, ’02 / Congress-Bundestag Exchange Student, West Germany


BAILE, Richie Greene, Nick Jaina, Nathan Langston, Amanda Lawrence, Ellis Ludwig-Leone, Aaron Severini, Stelth Ulvang


Devin Alberda, Esme Boyce, Norbert De La Cruz III, Danielle Rowe, Troy Schumacher, Manuel Vignoulle, Marcus Wright,