CV Technology

Corporate and Private Capital

BOEING – global raw materials supply chain system, capital investment quality assurance, 2019/2020

NIKE – US influence group director with process architecture team from Levi Strauss 2018/2019

WAL-MART – global financial systems installation 2016/2018

GENERAL ATOMICS – Reaper drone supply chain financial reporting systems 2015/2016

Dow Corning / Columbia Sportswear / Pepsi / Under Armor

Government, State, Municipal, Defense Industrial Complex, Financial, Telecom, and Music

United States Postal Service / USDA / Army / Newport News / Raytheon / States of Kentucky, Pennsylvania, California, Michigan / Accenture, Deloitte, IBM / General Electric / Verizon / Warner Music / Morgan Stanley / JP Morgan Chase / 3M / T-Mobile

Non-Profit Development

FINANCIAL SYSTEMS FOR ARTISTS – end to end fundraising tools and financial services for artists 2019 – present development