Who’s Who

Kevin Draper has collaborated with a broad cross section of artist evolving over amazing times in New York City.

Kevin Draper is an artist and architect. He has produced avant-garde ballets, architectural interventions, and a catalog of drawn, painted and digitally created imagery.

Draper has collaborated with COMPOSERS: Ellis Ludwig-Leone, Aaron Severini, Stelth Ulvang, Nick Jaina, Nathan Langston, Amanda Lawrence, Baile; CHOREOGRAPHERS: Justin Peck (NYCB), Manuel Vignoulle, Norbert De La Cruz III (JUILLIARD), Esme Boyce, Marcus Wright (Alvin Ailey), Troy Schumacher(NYCB), Devin Alberda(NYCB), Taylor Stanley(NYCB), FILMMAKERS: Lora Robertson, Nikhil Melnechuk; ARTISTIC DIRECTORS: Daniel Applebaum; DANCERS: Lauren King, Marika Anderson; VISUAL ARTISTS: Brandon Stirling Baker; Draper’s work has been shown and performed at Brooklyn Academy of Music, Baryshnikov Arts Center, 92Y Lexington, and venues around the country. Draper studied Architecture and Engineering at the University of Michigan, did his graduate work in Architecture at Tulane University, and holds an Executive MBA from Notre Dame University.

Draper received a Citation for Achievement in the Arts from the President and Borough of Brooklyn for innovation, and Satellite Collective under his Artistic Direction received a Citation for Achievment in the Arts for its work in sustainable arts programs. His work has been reviewed in the New York Times, New Yorker, Observer; the New York Post, Dance Magazine and others.