In the Scans Collection, the artist explores several themes. Everyday objects are seen from the dimension of a digital void. The motion and light of the scanner preserve the objects in a suspended state: confined to one instance of vision. They include toys, computer boards, cigarettes, candles, decorations, shoes, food boxes, and broken icons of belief.
The copper images are another example of allowing time and chemistry to create on their own, and including writing in the process.
The etchings on the linoleum boards capture gestures as automatic patterns in nature. They can be aerial views of rivers, cave carvings, or inverted maps of the mind.
Text © Mariana Pavetto

After a few years working as a mechanical engineer, he completed a Master’s in Architecture, studied printmaking, and began his trajectory as a multimedia artist. In 2010 he moved to New York City. There, he founded Satellite Collective, a vibrant and innovative community of creatives that has produced award-winning theater productions, films, music recitals, dance performances, and multimedia exhibits.